Stock Photos/ Folk and Americana Musicians

by Jamie Downs


Jeff Lang©

Katryna and Nerissa Nields©

Jimmy LeFarvre©

The Paper Boys©

Mary Gautier©

Dave Chalfont©


Judy Collins©

Janis Ian©

Michael Cooney©

Roy Bookbinder©

Seamus Egan©

Winifred Horan©

Laura Love Band ©

Barbara Lamb and Laura Love©

Utah Phillips©

Rik Palieri©

Roy Bookbinder©

Tony Trischka Jennifer Kimball©

Tom Rush©

Tom Paxton

Tao Rodriguez

Sonny Ochs©


Sean Watkins©
Nickel Creek

Sarah Watkins©
Nickel Creek

Sarah Guthrie©

Cyd Cherisse and Ruthie Foster©

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