Stock Photos/ Folk and Americana Musicians

by Jamie Downs


Steve Goodman ©

Cathil McConnel and Allie Bain©

Archie Fisher and Robin Williamson©

Tony Barrand ©

Bob Franke ©

David Bromberg©

Eugene O'Donnel©

Gamble Rogers ©

Green Grass Cloggers ©

Kate Wolfe ©

John Hartford ©

Lester Flatt ©

Martin Carthy ©

Mick Maloney ©

John Jackson ©

Green Grass Cloggers ©

Norman Blake ©

Tommy Thompson ©

Bill Vanaver ©

Garnet and Stan Rogers ©

Livia Vanaver and Caravan Dancers

Stan Rogers

Livia Vanaver ©

David Amram ©

George Gritbach ©

David Amram with Steve Goodman ©

Odetta ©

Kenny Goldstein and Dave Van Ronk ©

Many others available

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