Peace by Piece

433 Main Street
Stroudsburg, PA
March 21, 22, 23, 2003

38 Artists Looking for Peace

The Art Work and Artists' Reception The Music and Poetry Readings
It was not possible to include individual photos of all works, because of their placement on the wall or glass reflections. If any artist has a digital image of their piece and would like it included please email it to

Susie Forrester, "After 9/11"
Joseph Genovesi, "Untitled"
Joni Oye, "Patriot Scream"
Charles Wagner, "Failed Diplomacy"
Don Manza, "A Peace Dog"
Rita Baragona, "When Will They Ever Learn"
Steve Linden, "Weapon of Trash Consumption"
Jim Wyckoff, "Into Plowshares"
Charles Wagner, "No War, No Way"
Gary Kresgie, "November, Grass Lake"
Miya Benintende, "George W. Hussein"
Penny Ross, "Prediction"
Meg Shumaker, "Untitled: From Family of Man"
Dawn Linden, "Untitled"
David Coulter, "Harry and Michelle"
Kthy and Gary Kresgie admire Steve Linden's sculpture
Charles Wagner, "Bush Focus Groups"
Fiona Solliday, "Number One"
Jamie Downs, "Ya Basta"
Patty Ann Griffin, "Peace and Quiet"
Andrea Levergood, "Puzzle Peace"
Susan Bradford, "Secure"
Jan Selving, "Triage"
Denise McKellick, "Red, White and Blue"
Joseph Genovesi, "Untitled"
Bryanna Syvarth, "Untitled"
Joni Oye, "Patriot Scream" Dona Solliday, "Doves"
Eleanor Clarkson, "The Way of the Cross"
Dawn Linden, "Untitled"
St. Clair Sullivan, "Now I Feel Safe" Jiavanna Skolnik, "Busy Peace Angel"
(The plastic and duct tape were put over a painted wall in the bathroom)  

Don Manza
Don Manza, "Peace Dog"
Gerta Harriton and Jim Wycoff
Will Rothfuss, "The Confrontation"
Dave Coulter and Harry
Jim Hannon, "Operation Deja Vu"
Rita Baragona, "When Will They Ever Learn"
Steve Linden, "Untitled"
Charlie Tweedie, "Dancing Cups"
Susan Bradford, "Homeland Security: Brick Wall"
Rachel Val Cohen, "Peace and Life are Beautiful and Fragile"
Tim Heilman, "Peace"
Will Rothfuss, "Fear" and "Grief"
Mark Yetter, "War, the Video Game"
Heidi Hooper, "Good Bad Fairies"
Andrea Rimberg, "Birth of the Universe"

List of Participating Artists:

Rita Baragona, Miya Benintende, Susan Bradford, Eleanor Clarkson, Rachel Cohen, David Coulter, Jamie Downs, Susie Forrester, Joe Genovese, Patti Ann Griffin, Jim Hannan, Tim Heilman, Heidi Hooper, Gary Kresge, Andrea Levergood, Dawn Linden, Don Manza, Denise McKellick, Joni Oye, Andrea Rimberg, Penny Ross, William Rothfuss, Peter Salmon, Sherwood Samet, Jan Selving, Meg Shumaker, Jiavanna Skolnik, Jonathan K. Slingluff, Dona Solliday, Fiona Solliday, St. Clair Sullivan, Briana Syvarth, Charlie Tweedie, Charles Wagner, Steve Waters, Jim Wyckoff, Mark Yetter

The Music and Poetry Readings